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  Support Frequently Asked Questions
  Q: Can I add customize the Magic Mirror with my own characters and sounds?

A: Yes, the DIY Magic Mirror was designed to be customized. There are two ways to go:

  • Option A: Produce your own videos with custom characters and voice overs. This option gives the best results but is also quite a bit of work. Follow these instructions for Option A.
  • Option B: Use the existing characters and just customize the audio responses using Text to Speech. This option will not be as polished as Option A but its quick and easy. Follow these instructions for Option B.

Q: Can the Magic Mirror speak other languages than English?

  A: The Text to Speech mode currently supports English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. This video explains how to setup the Text to Speech based responses and shows demonstrations in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

Q: Can I change the size & position of the Magic Mirror characters.

  A: Yes, using the Magic Mirror setup program, here's how to change the size & position of the characters.

Q: Is it really a Breathalzyer?

  A: Yes, with the alcohol sensor connected, the Magic Mirror Breathalyzer responses will be proportional to your alcohol intake but please note that the Magic Mirror Breathalyzer is not a professional Breathalyzer (it does not provide a blood alcohol content reading) and should be used for novelty purposes only.
  Q: I am running a dual monitor setup and would like the Magic Mirror to appear on one of the monitors.
  A: You need the "Windowed" version of the application. Install the normal version and then run this file to switch it to the "Windowed" version.

Q: Does it run on the Mac and Linux too.

  A: Yes, the Magic Mirror runs on the PC, Mac, and Linux. While the installation for the PC is fully automated, there are some manual steps involved for the installation on the Mac (has not been tested on a non-Intel Mac) and Linux. Mac installation instructions and Linux installation instructions.

Q: Which kit should I get?

  A: The plug and play version is meant for non-technical folks to get up and running quickly where you simply plug it into your laptop and install the software and also includes the alcohol sensor for the Breathalzyer feature. The raw kit version comes assembled but not in a case and is good for custom installations. The core board that connects to the sensors is exactly the same in both versions.

Q: Can I run the software without having to hook up any sensors?

  A: We're working on a stand alone software version. Instead of sensors, the stand alone version will utilize a standard webcam with facial recognition to trigger the proximity videos. The weather and stock functions will be triggered from simple mouse clicks.
  Support Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I launched the Magic Mirror but got this message "The Magic Mirror did not initiatlize. Please check the following..."


Answer: This means the Magic Mirror software could not find the Magic Mirror sensor hub. Check each item below to fix:

1. Ensure the Sensor Hub/Arduino is plugged into your USB port
2. The OS driver has been installed for the Magic Mirror Sensor Hub/Arduino, see instructions in the installation manuals
3. If you've built your own Sensor Hub and supplied your own Arduino, ensure you did the one time upload of the Firmata firmware to the Arduino (does not apply if you purchased one of the kits).
4. Make sure you've entered the correct Magic Mirror Sensor Hub port in the configuration program. This would be the most common problem.
5. For Windows and Mac, ensure serproxy is running (On windows, you have to instruct your firewall not to block). For Linux, ser2net is running.

6. On Windows, the COM port must be less than COM9. It will not work if it’s set to COM10 or higher. If this is the case, open Device Manager from the Control Panel and right click on the USB Serial Port, click the Advanced button, and then pick a new serial port number that's less than 10.

7. On Windows, if your installation directory is not on drive C, then you’ll need to edit these four files to your installation drive. The four files are located in Program Files\DIY Magic Mirror.

For example, if your installation drive is E:\Program Files\DIY Magic Mirror, then change C:\ to E:\ in each of the 4 files.



Question: Weather, stock, door videos play randomly during normal operation when no sensor was triggered

  Answer: Most likely you’ve got a sensor turned on in the configuration program that does not have a physical sensor hooked up to it. Run the configuration program and enable only inputs with physical sensors hooked up. Check your wiring if you have the configuration set correctly but still have the problem. This can also happen if you plug in a sensor after the Magic Mirror program has started. Make sure to plug in the sensors prior to starting the Magic Mirror program.

Question: The proximity videos are going off when no one is standing in front of the proximity sensor.

  Answer: Either the proximity sensor is not getting +5V/not wired correctly or the distance returned from the proximity sensor when no one is in the room falls between the Proximity Lower Limit and Proximity Upper Limit settings. Start the Magic Mirror software in verbose mode and see what distance settings are returned with no one in front of the proximity sensor. Then run the configuration program and modify the Proximity Lower Limit and Proximity Upper Limit settings ensuring they are out of this range.

Question: Everything works with the exception of the stock videos.

  Answer: Most likely you have entered an invalid stock symbol. Start the configuration program and ensure all your stock symbols are valid.

Question: The X-10 control is not working.


Answer: To use the X-10 control feature, you'll need to have first purchased separately the X-10 Firecracker. Plug this into the DB-9 connection on the Magic Mirror Sensor Hub. Ensure you have X-10 turned on in the configuration program. Then ensure your X-10 Plug-in RF Base is plugged in and on the same AC circuit as your X-10 lamp module or switch. Ensure the X-10 address set on your X-10 module matches the X-10 address in the configuration program.


A software registration key and the software source code will be e-mailed to you after your Paypal payment has been received. Shipping within the US is included, International shipping outside of the US not included.

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