PC or Laptop

If you have an existing desktop or laptop that can play this animation smoothly, it will do fine. Otherwise, use a low power device such as an Intel ATOM based PC or Netbook.

  LCD Flat Panel Monitor Try eBay or Craigslist for a used one. $50-$60 for a used 15" LCD is a good deal.
  Picture Frame with Oval Matte (Optional)

Antique shops are good places to find a picture frame. You'll want to make sure it covers the monitor and wall opening if you recess the monitor in the wall.

Picture frame from eBay (you can specifiy an oval matte), forums discussion thread about this frame and dimensions

  Dielectric Glass TV Mirror 4mm/2-Way Mirror (Optional) The dielectric glass is optional and adds an interesting reflective effect. The dielectric glass is not sold by DIY Magic Mirror. Hiddentelevison.com is one supplier and sells a 12x12 sample for $20 which will cover a 15" LCD monitor.

Magic Mirror Sensor Hub or Kit Version

  Plastic Project Box (Optional) A plastic project box to house the circuit, dimensions of 5.3" x 3.3 " x 1.6"
  1 X-10 Firecracker CM17A Required for X-10 Control. Sends the X-10 commands to turn off and on your lights over RF. Purchase from eBay (around $6)
  1 X-10 Plug-in RF Base Required for X-10 Control. Receives the RF X-10 commands from the X-10 Firecracker CM17A. Purchase from SmartHome or eBay
  1 X-10 LM465 Lamp Module or X-10 WS467 Wall Switch For the X-10 Lighting control feature. Plug your lamp into the LM465 (about $11) or swap out one your existing light switches with the WS467 (about $14) for a cleaner look. Check e-Bay for a cheaper price.
  1 X-10 Appliance Module AM466 For the X-10 On/Off control feature, turn any device on and off. Purchase from SmartHome or eBay

  The Magic Mirror supports 1 Proximity Sensor, up to 3 touch sensors, and up to 5 on/off switches. Pick and choose which ones you'd like to use for your installation, you can use just one or all. You then tell the Magic Mirror which sensors you are using in the configuration program.
  Maxbotic Proximity Sensor LV-EZ1 (1) Sonar based distance sensor, detects objects up to 22 feet.
  Seeedstudio Alcohol Sensor (Preferred) or Sparkfun Alcohol Sensor (1) Alcohol sensor for the Breathalyzer feature. Note that the Magic Mirror Breathalyzer is not a professional Breathalyzer and should be used for novelty purposes only.
  Seeedstudio Touch Sensors, Phidgets Touch Sensors 1110, and Phidges Touch Sensor 1129 (Up to 3) Sensors that trigger when touched. The DIY Magic Mirror will support up to 3 Touch Sensors.

Switches - Momentary Switches (Up to 4), use normally open SPST swtiches

Toggle Switch (1)

Seeedstudio Button Switch

Use normally open momentary swtiches, normally off will also work but will require a manual change in the config file, use normally open if available.

A reed switch works nice for the Picasa slideshow switch or Photobooth. Switch4 which you can see in the advanced configuration program is the toggle swtich.

The Magic Mirror kit can be purchased from Seeedstudio. If you already have an Arduino and can build the circuit yourself, you can also purchase just the software.


Software Only
A software registration key will be e-mailed to you after your Paypal payment has been received.

Creative Commons License
The DIY Magic Mirror hardware and software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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