*************** Linux Instructions v7.0 **************

1. Ensure you have Flash 9 or above installed and then download the Adobe AIR Framework for Linux. Follow the instructions in the manual for how to install the Adobe AIR Framework.

2. Then click both Install buttons following the instructions in the manual and then refer to the manual for remaining steps to complete the installation.

3. Create the directory /opt/DIY Magic Mirror/mirror/share/videos and unzip these video files into this directory. If you need also the lower resolution video files (only needed if you have an older PC and the video is sluggish), then also unzip the lower res videos files into this directory.

If you are running a dual monitor setup or a simple laptop install, then the "Windowed" version of the application will be a better fit. After running the installation program above, run this file to switch to the "Windowed" version.

Adobe AIR automatic updates can be disabled by running this program http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/applications/SettingsManager/SettingsManager.air

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