V7.8 June  27, 2016

Fixed the Text to Speech feature which broke in the early 2016 with new and improved text to speech voices. There are two different Text to Speech engines to choose from: VoiceRSS and Yakitome. Yakitome has a small delay but has male voices where VoiceRSS only has female voices.

If you are using Text to Speech, you should obtain your own API key for each of the services which you can do from their respective web sites and then enter your unique API key in either the DIY Magic Mirror Basic Config Program or the Advanced Config Program in the Text to Speech Settings.

The Twitter feature is now working again. Using the Twitter feature, the Magic Mirror will speak tweets from your timeline or a tweet where you are @mentioned, or a tweet based on a search term.


V7.5 June 20, 2016

Fixed the weather feature which broke in March 2016 due to a change in the Yahoo Weather API. The Twitter and Text to Speech (TTS) features are broken due to changes in public APIs and have been disabled in this release.

v7.3 Beta August 13, 2013

Fixed broken Twitter feature. The Twitter feature had broke around March 2013 after a Twitter system change, specifically Twitter released a new API for third party applications. Special thanks to Susisu for allowing us to use his excellent Adobe Flash AS3 library that was compatible with Twitter's latest API.

Changed the Text to Speech voice to a male British voice to better match the Magic Mirror character from the previous female voice.

Added a speak Tweet option for @Mentions. The Magic Mirror will speak any new Tweet where you have been Twitter @Mentioned.

Fixed bug where lip sync was not working correctly when speaking Tweets.

Fixed a bug in the uninstall program where the program was not uninstalling cleanly.

Added support for Twitter feature when running in stand alone mode (ie, without the Magic Mirror hardware)


v7.0 August 23, 2011

Added a new Photobooth feature.

Added a new quiz mode feature.

Both of these features are fully documented in the manual.


v6.2 April 15, 2011

Fixed bug where Tweet feature was not working. Tweeting of Breathalyzer results also fixed.

Added feature where Twitter bird pops up letting the user know visually that a Breathalyzer Tweet was sent (only comes up when Tweeting of Breathalyzer results is turned on).

Fixed bug where 0 could not be entered in the Y! World ID field

Added checkbox in advanced configuration program to display the alcohol sensor data value.


v6.0 -December 1st, 2010

Added feature where user can just blow into the Alcohol Sensor to start the Breathalyzer without having to push a button.

Added lipsync feature for the custom audio mode with text to speech and user supplied MP3s.

Fixed bug where the mouse pointer was displaying.

Added Text to Speech to the stand alone mode.

Added warning messages letting the user know if the Magic Mirror is in stand alone mode and if an Internet connection was not detected.

Added support for the Arduino UNO.

Updated the weather and stock icons for the stand alone mode.


v5.2 -September 25, 2010

Added a third custom video option which is avaialble in the Advanced Configuration program. Using this option, the Touch Sensor 3 input can play the X10 videos, proximity videos, or a third custom video which should be called "video3_princess.flv" , "video3_halloween.flv" , "video3_insult.flv", "video3_pirate.flv" and be placed in the mirror/videos sub-directory.


v5.1 -September 19, 2010

Video explaining the new features in v5

Added an option to Tweet Breathalzyer results. Check the "Tweet My Breathalyzer Results" to enable this option from the Twitter section. The Tweets can also be customized from the Breathalyzer Settings button in the Advanced Magic Mirror Configuration program.

Fixed Twitter authentication issue and now use Twitter OAuth which is more secure and does not require Twitter passwords to be stored locally.

Added a custom audio mode that enables user's to upload their own MP3s.

Added facial recognition with a connected USB webcams. When the webcam recognizes a human face, the proximity videos will play. Turn on the webcam from the Advanced Magic Mirror Configuration program.

Added Frames and pre-sets.

Added a stand alone mode that allows the Magic Mirror to run without a Sensor Hub/Arduino. The USB webcam can be used here to trigger the proximity videos. Mouse clicks will also play weather and stock.

Added an option to over-ride the Weather (Touch Sensor 1) and Stock (Touch Sensor 2) inputs with custom video. This can be turned on from the Advanced Magic Mirror configuration program. You'll also need to add the following vidoes to your Application Install\mirror\videos directory: video1_princess.flv, video2_princess.flv, video1_pirate.flv, video2_pirate.flv, video1_halloween.flv, video2_halloween.flv, video1_insult.flv, video2_insult.flv, video1_tts, video2_tts. Each set of videos can be different per character for video1 and video2 or they can be the same.

Added an option to over-ride the door switch (switch 1) with the proximity videos.



v4.5 - June 1st, 2010

The Magic Mirror can now announce (speak using text to speech) your Tweets from Twitter. You can set it to speak tweets from your own Twitter account or set it to speak Twitter keyword searches.

The Magic Mirror will fill up the entire screen regardless of resolution (it's no longer required to run at 1024 x 768 only to fill up the screen).


v4.4 - May 20th, 2010

The Magic Mirror can now easily be personalized with a new Text to Speech mode. The Text to Speech responses are user entered in the setup screen. To use the Text to Speech feature, simply turn the character select dial until you hear "Text to Speech Mode".

Truncated the stock performance readout to two decimals points.


v4.3 - May 1st, 2010

The size and position of the Breathalyzer results text ("No Drinks", "A Few Drinks", "Buzzed", "You're Drunk!") can now be set using the Configuration program.

Fixed bug where the registration code and some of the settings were not migrating when doing the software upgrades.


v4.2 - April 11th, 2010

Added a Quick Setup program for the non-technical user to get up and running quickly using the plug and play sensors and buttons. The Quick Setup program will also auto-detect the Magic Mirror Sensor Hub/Arduino. The Breathalyzer, Weather Forecast, Videos, and Stock Performance features are enabled with the Quick Setup program.


v4.1 - April 4th, 2010

Added text to the Breathalyzer results clips: "No Drinks", "A Few Drinks", "Buzzed", "You're Drunk!"


v4.0 - March 14th, 2010

Added Breathalzyer Feature

Added doorbell sound to the doorbell input

When upgrading from an older version, the configuration settings are preserved and do not have to be re-entered

Added support for the Seeeduino Touch Sensors and Phidgets 1129 Touch Sensors (the Phidgets 1110 Touch Sensors have always been supported)

Adobe AIR automatic updates can be disabled by running this program http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/applications/SettingsManager/SettingsManager.air


v3.3 - January 17th, 2010

The Magic Mirror was not starting up correctly when the doorcam feature was turned off, this issue has been resolved.

Adobe AIR automatic updates can be disabled by running this program http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/applications/SettingsManager/SettingsManager.air


v3.2 - January 7th, 2010

The mouse curser will no longer display and does not having to be manually moved off the screen.

A video response no longer plays on initial startup.

The change character sound will only play once when switching characters.

Intermittent lock-up issue upon startup when the doorcam is on has been resolved.

A message will display if the Sensor Hub/Arduino is not found along with troubleshooting tips.

Known Issue: The Generic X-10 ON/OFF Switch 5 input does not function correctly. The Touch Sensor 3 input works fine however.


v3.1 - December 16, 2009

Running the configuration program on the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac, and Linux no longer requires admin rights.

The configuration program now functions with no Internet connection (for Installations with no Internet connectivity).



v3.0 - November 3rd, 2009

New voices from a professional voice actor

New character (a really mean pumpkin)

Network IP camera integration with the doorbell input. Use this if you have a network IP camera and want to have the person at the door show up on the Magic Mirror when the doorbell input is triggered.

Generic X-10 ON and OFF control synced with characters.

Configuration option to turn off idle videos. With idle videos off, the Magic Mirror will only appear up when a sensor has been triggered. Use this if your installation requires the element of surprise.

The characters can be moved and re-sized visually from the configuration program.

Stock Text, Weather Text, and a Weather Icon. When the stock animation plays, text will also appear telling you the sum gain or loss of your stock portfolio. A brief weather description and a weather icon will appear during the weather animation. These can be turned off from the configuration program.

An additonal proximity animation for each mode.

The second and third proximity videos can be triggered independent/before the first proximity video.

Added a low resolution video option for running the Magic Mirror on older PC hardware. Use this if the default video performance is sluggish.

Added pre-sets for all monitor rotation orientations (0, 90, 180, 270)

When in verbose mode, the proximity sensor distance will appear in large text making the initial calibration of the proximity sensor easier.

A different sound effect will play each time the character is changed.


v2.4 -July 5th, 2009

X-10 address is now configurable, can be any valid X-10 address as opposed to A2 previously

Added automated installations for Mac and Linux

Added a Web update feature for PC, Mac, and Linux updates over the Web. Use the "Check for Updates" button from the Configure program. You must be at the base software version v2.4 to use the Web update feature.

Fixed issue where character select knob only changed characters when videos were idle



v2.3 -June 2nd, 2009

Eliminated minor screen delay when sensors triggered with X10 turned on. Triggered videos will now play with no delay. This was causing intermittent lock-ups in some cases.

Known Issues:

Hardware select mode doesn't change to the rigth character when the character select knob is turned while a video is playing. Turn the knob again while the character is in idle mode and it will change character correctly.


v2.2 - May 28, 2009

Added Proximity LED (Arduino Pin 13). The Proximity LED will blink when the subject is within the Proximity Sensor Range providing a visual indicator that the subject is standing in the right place. The Proximity LED will then turn solid when the proximity videos are playing and turn off when the proximity videos have finished playing.

Fixed problem where the Hardware Select Mode Potentiometer had to be turned slowly to switch modes correctly. You can now turn the Hardware Select Mode Potentiometer as fast as you like to changes modes (Princess, Pirate, or Halloween).

Which Arduino pin corresponds to which Magic Mirror Software digital or analog input can now be configured in mirror.xml. You only need to modify these settings if you've deviated from the standard wiring diagram in the Magic Mirror manual.

Fixed problem where pressing all Touch Sensors at the same time could lock-up the program. Now a Touch Sensor triggered video must finish before another Touch Sensor video can play.

Added X-10 control to the Touch Sensor videos. If X-10 is turned on, the Touch Sensor vidoes will now turn off the lights when beginning to play and turn them back on when finished playing.

Fixed bug where Touch Sensor 1 (Phidgets Touch Sensor) works initially but then stops working after around 5 minutes. Touch Sensor 1 should be wired to Arduino Pin 5 instead of the previous Arduino Pin 1. Manually edit mirror.xml and ensure this setting: <analog_input1_pin>5</analog_input1_pin>. Reported problem to the Arduino team.


v2.1 - April 20, 2009

Added a Landscape mode for installations where the monitor is not rotated.


v2.0 - Feb 15, 2009

Added Picasa Picture Frame feature


v1.0 (Initial Release) - October 15th, 2008




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